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Hindi Language Lessons For Business

Hindi Language Lessons For Business

This tutorial - Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  consists of eighteen units.

This lesson is  - Unit 13. (Previous :: Next lesson)

Unit 13. Business Talks (Terms of Payment)


Smith: Namaste, Gentlemen. Sit down please. What about a cup of coffee? Smith: Namaste. Aap sab kripaya baithiye. Ek-ek pyala kaafee kaisi rahegi?
John: Thank you, with pleasure. John: Dhanyabad.  Mujhe khusi hogi.
Anthony: I will also not refuse. Anthony: Manaa to mai bhi nahi karungaa.
John: Fine, We will all have coffee. John: Bahut badhiya. Ham sab kaafee lenge.
Smith: Tomorrow I will go to bank to confirm the letter of credit to make the payment. Smith: Kal mai letter of credit ko sunischit karane ke liye bank jaane vala hoo taaki bhugtan ho sake.
John: When are you going to open letter of credit in our favor? John : Aap letter of credit hamare paksh me kab kholane jaa rahe hai? 
Smith: Only when we receive your notification that goods are ready for shipment. We would like to receive credit terms in a course of thirty days from the bill of loading date. Smith : Tabhi jab aapse yah soochanaa prapt hoti hai ki maal bheje jane ke liye taiyar hai. Ham maal load hone ke dinank se tees dino kaa credit bhi chahate hai.
John: No problem, we can grant you thirty days. John : Koi dikkat nahi. ham aapko tees din de sakte hai.
Smith: That's great, We will meet again very soon. Smith : Yah bahut achchha hai. Ham jald hi fir milte hai.

Word Bag.

please - kripaya, to confirm - sunischit karna, payment - bhugtan, favor - paksh, to open - kholana, to receive - prapt hona, ready - taiyar, date - dinank, day - din,Cup - pyala, notification - soochanaa, problem - dikkat, again - phir, very soon - jaldi, Thank you - dhanayavad


Try It Out.

1. Read the text and answer the following questions.
a. Smith, John aur Anthony kya peete hain?
b. Smith kahan jaane ki baat karta hai?
c. Smith ko bank mei kya kaam tha?
d. John letter of credit ke baare mei kya janna chahta hai?
e. Smith kitne din ka credit chahta hai?
f. John Smith ki baat ka kya jabab deta hai?

2. Fill in the blanks.
a. Smith ek- ek ------- ----------- peene ka aagreh karta hai.
b. Anthony bhi coffee ko ------------- nahi karta hai.
c. Letter of credit sunishchit hone se------------------ ho sakega.
d. John letter of credit ----------- ka samay -------------- chahta hai.
e. John ko 30 dino ka credit dene mei koi ------------ nahi.

3. Make sentences from these Hindi words.
a. Kripayaa
b. Sunishchit
c. Bhuktan
d. Paksh
e. Dinank

4. Make up the similar dialogues of your own in Hindi in following situations.
a. Aap ek kharidar hai. Aap seller ko kis tarah se bhuktan karna chahenge.
b. Aap seller hai. bhuktan lene ki aapni sharto ko saamne rakhte huae kharidar se baat kijie.

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