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Hindi Language Lessons For Business

Hindi Language Lessons For Business

This tutorial - Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  consists of eighteen units.

This lesson is  - Unit 15. (Previous :: Next lesson)

Unit 15. Discussing Terms Of Delivery, Guarantee Period, and Terms of Payment


Want to say? This is how you say in Hindi
Smith:  If you could make some arrangements, we would like to see the goods (machines) in operation. Smith: Agar aap kuch intezam kar de to hum machines ka operation dekhna chahenge.
John: We will do whatever you ask to satisfy you. John: Hum aapko santust karne ke liye jo jaruri hai vo karenge.
Smith: When can we go to the factory? Smith: Hum factory kab chal sakte hai?
 John: We will go tomorrow.  John: Hum kal chalenge.
(After having seen the machines being operated) (machine ki karyavahi dekhne ke baad)
Smith: We have seen the goods in operation, are satisfied and want the first consignment in September. Smith: Hum machine ki karyavahi dekh kar santust hain aur pahla consignment September mei chahte hai.
John: We really don't have any problem sending first consignment in September, but we would like to send second consignment in the October end. I hope you don't have any problem about it. John: Hume pahla consignment September mei bhejne mei koi mushkil nahi hai, lekin doosra consignment October ke aakhir tak bhejenge. Mein aasha karta hoon ki aapko is-se koi dikkat nahi hogi.
Smith: No problem at all. Smith: Koi bhi dikkat nahi hai.
(Guarantee Period) (Guarantee ka samay)
Smith: I want to know how long the guarantee period is? Smith: Mein janna chahta hoon ki guarantee ka samay kitna hai.
John: 15 months from the date of contract or 13 months from the date of selling to the customer. You can enjoy one month's special guarantee in course of transit period. John: Anubandh ki tarikh se pandrah mahine tak, athava grahak ko bechne ki tarikh se terah mahine tak. Aap ek mahine ke transit ke samay ki khas guarantee ka laabh bhi utha sakte hai.
Smith: It is little short of our expectation. We expected at least 18 to 24 months guarantee. Smith: Yeh hamari umeed se kuch kam hai. Humne atharah se chaubis mahino ki guarantee ki umeed ki thi.
John: For that we have to go against the practice. John: Uske liye hume apne aam tarike se alag jaanaa padega.
Smith: We would be grateful if you try to understand our concern. This is our trial order and we want to do our best. Smith: Agar aap hamaari baat samajhane ki koshish kare to hum aapke bahut aabhari honge. Yeh hamara trial order hai aur hum achche se achcha sauda karna chahte hain.
John: Fine, it has to settle somewhere half way. We can extend guarantee for 15 months to 18 months. John: Theek hai. Hum isko beech me maan lete hain. Hum guarantee ka samay badha kar pandrah se atharah mahine tak ki kar sakte hain.
(Terms of payment) (Bhugtan ki sharte)
Smith: And now let's discuss about credit terms. Smith: Aur ab hum credit ki sharto ke baare mein baat kar lete hain.
John: You have to open a letter of credit to make payment at the notification that the goods are ready for shipment. John: Saaman bheje jane ke liye taiyaar hone ki soochna milne par aapko hamaare paksh mein letter of credit dena hoga.
Smith: I don't have any problem. Smith: Mujhe koi dikkat nahi hai.
John: When are you going to send firm order. John: Aap firm order kab bhej rahe hain.
Smith: After 10 days. This may be our first order, but I think not last. Smith: Dus din ke baad. Yeh hamaara pahla order hai, lekin mere hisab se aakhiri nahi.
John: I too think so. Today we discussed many important matters. John: Mein bhi yahi sochta hoon. Aaj humne bahut si mahatvapurn baaton par vichar kiya.
Smith: Yes, Today's talk is very fruitful. Smith: Haan, Aaj ki baaten kaafi faldayak hai.

Word Bag.

arrangement - intezam, operation - karyavahi, satisfied - santust, first - pahla, second - doosra, problem - dikkat, period - samay, special - khaas, expectation - umeed, fruitful - faldayak, important - mahatvapurn, today - aaj, notification - soochna, ready - tai yar

Try It Out.

1 Read the dialogues above and answer these questions in Hindi.
a. Smith kya dekhna chahta tha?
b. Kya machine ki karyawahi dekhne ke baad Smith santust tha?
c. Smith pahla consignment kab chahta hai?
d. John kitne guarantee samay ki peshkash karta hai?
e. John bhuktan ki kya sharte rakhta hai?

2. Here are some situations. Make your own dialogues in Hindi.
a. You are the Buyer. You'd like to see the machine in operation. Make arrangements with the Seller about your visit to a factory.
b. You are the Buyer. You've seen the machine in operation. You are satisfied and want first consignment within a month. Arrange this with Seller.
c. You are the Seller. You don't want to deliver the first consignment until October and the second before two months. The Buyer does not agree. He wants the second consignment by November. Explain to the Buyer why you can't make it.
d. You are the Buyer. You want to know how long the guarantee period is. After learning about it, ask the Seller to extend it.
e. You are the Seller. Agree with the Buyer about payment by Letter of Credit.

3. Make sentences using words below.( Nimn likhit shabdo se Vakya banao)
a. Karyavaahi
b. Santust
c. Mahatvapurn
d. Soochna
e. Khaas

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