Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 16

Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 16 Vyaapaar Bhashha Gyaan

Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  Unit 16 deals with receiving someone at the airport and making some small talk in Hindi.

Meeting at the airport. Talking about the weather.

English Hindi
Mr Stephan, representative of English firm and Mr Clarke, its chief engineer  arrive at Delhi airport. They want to know about Delhi and its weather. Smith has come to receive Them. Mr Stephan English firm ke pratinidh aur Mr Clarke firm ke pramukh abhiyanta Delhi airport par pahuchte hain. Woh Delhi ke aur uske mausam ke baare mei janna chahte hain. Smith unke swagat ke liye pahuchta hai.
Smith: Namaste! Mr Stephan and Mr Clarke. Welcome to Delhi. Smith: Namaste! Mr Stephan aur Mr Clarke Delhi mein aapka swagat hai.
Stephan: Mr. Smith. How are you? Stephan: Mr. Smith aap kaise hain?
Smith: I am fine, thank you. How are you? Smith: Mein achcha hoon. Shukriya. Aap kaise hain?
Stephan: I am fine too. Our flight was very comfortable and safe. I was busy reading newspaper and some very interesting magazines. I enjoyed some good articles about sports and current events. Stephan: Mein bhi achcha hoon. Hamari udan bahut aaramdayak aur surakshit thi. Mein samacharpatra aur kuchh bahut mazeydaar patrika padhane mei vyast raha. Mujhe kuch khel aur taaza ghatanao se sambandhit lekh pasand aaye.
Smith: Which sports interest you? Smith: Aap kis khel ko pasand karte hain?
Stephan: I love to watch cricket and tennis. I am also fond of races. I love horses since my childhood. Stephan: Mein cricket aur tennis dekhna pasand karta hoon. Mein ghurdaur bhi pasand karta hoon. Mujhe bachpan se ghode bahut pasand hain.
Smith: Who is your favorite player? Smith: Aapka pasandida khiladhi kaun sa hai?
Stephan: Andre Agassi, Shane Warne and Sachin (Tendulkar) are my all time favorite. Stephan: Andre Agassi, Shane Warne aur Sachin (Tendulkar) ko mei hamesha se pasand karta hoon.
Smith: You can enjoy tennis and cricket matches on Television, U.S Open is already on. Smith: Aap television par cricket aur tennis ka mazaa le sakte hain, U.S Open shuru bhi ho chuka hai.
Stephan: Thank you, How is the weather here? Stephan: Shukriya. Yahan mausam kaisa hai?
Smith: You just can't predict, it is changing everyday. Daytime it is hot and humid, but evenings are pleasant. Smith: Aap iske baare mei kuch nahi kah sakte, yeh roz hi badalta rahata hai. Din ke samay garmi aur umas hoti hai, par shaam kaafi khusgawar ho jaati hai.
Stephan: What is the opinion of the weather forecaster? Stephan: Mausam ke baare mei batane wale kya kahte hain.
Smith: They are giving correct forecast, but sometimes they are let down by change in weather. Smith: Woh sahi jaankari dete hain, lekin kabhi kabhi mausam ka badlav unhe bhi galat sabit kar deta hai.
Stephan : Thank you very much, for all the information. Stephan: Sari jaankari ke liye bahut bahut shukriya.
Smith: Good night, see you tomorrow. I hope you will enjoy your stay here. Smith: Shubh raatri, kal milte hain. Mein aasha karta hoon ki aap yaha ki atithya ko pasand karenge.
(And they left for the hotel.) (Aur wo apne hotel ke liye chal dete hai.)


representative - pratinidhi,
know - janana,
weather - mausam,
chief - pramukh,
welcome - swagat,
comfortable - aaramdayak,
safe - surakshit,
newspaper - samachar patra,
magzine - patrika,
interesting - mazedar,
busy - vyast,
sports - khel,
current events - tazza ghatna,
races - ghurdaur,
horse - ghoda,
childhood - bachpan,
favorite - pasandida,
daily - roz,
changing - badalta,
information - jaankari,
good night - shubh raatri

Try It Out.

1. Read the text and answer the questions below.

  • Delhi ke airport par kaun kaun pahuchata hai?
  • Woh kis baare mein janana chahte hain?
  • Mr. Stephan ki udaan kaisi thi, aur unhone apne ko kis tarah vayast rakha?
  • Mr. Stephan ka pasandida khel aur khiladi batao?
  • Smith ne mausam ke baare mei kya jaankari dii ?

2. Make sentences from these Hindi words.

  • Khel
  • Samacharpatra
  • Aaramdayak
  • Mausam
  • Ghoda

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