Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 17(Contd.)

Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 17A Vyaapaar Bhashha Gyaan

Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  Unit 17(Contd.) deals with describing visit to a city in Hindi

A Letter About Visit To Delhi

English Hindi
My dear (Name) Priy (Name)
Fred and I have just returned from India, and this is my first opportunity to tell you about the glorious days we spent there. Fred aur mein abhi India se laute hai, aur mein pahli baar tumhe vahan bitae sunahare dino ke baare mein batane ja raha hoon.
India is a developing country. It has made rapid progress in all the spheres after independence. Thinking of people, technologies and mechanism are changing. India ek vikassheel desh hai. Isne aazadi ke baad her kshetra mei bahut tezi se pragati ki hai. Logo ki soch, takniki, aur mashinari sab badal rahi hai.
India is a country with a lot of diversity. It has many  religions and languages. India vibhintao ka desh hai. Yaha bahut se  dharm aur bhashae hai.
We found India crowded with visitors, and we were glad that we had reserved our rooms everywhere, otherwise I believe we should have to sleep out or come home again. Humne India ko bahut bhid  wala aur aagantuko se bhara hua paya. Yeh hamari khushnasibi thi humne hotel mei kamare pahle se aarakshit kar rakhe the, anyatha hume ya to baahar hi sona padata ya phir ghar vaapas aana padata.
Delhi was our first destination. We lodged in a hotel on the outskirts, some distance from the airport, but in a beautiful surrounding. Delhi - capital of India - is a well planned city. We visited almost all the historical monuments, religious places & museums. Hum sabse pahle Delhi gaye. Hum Delhi ke thoda bahar airport ke nazdeek hotel mei rooke. Delhi India ki raajdhani, ek suniyojit shahr hai. Humne sabhi aetihasik sthal, dharmik sthal aur sangrahalaya ko dekha.
Within reasonable distance of Delhi there are many interesting places one would love to see. Delhi se kuch doori par bahut si aisi jagah thi jise koi bhi dekhna chahega.
We wanted to see Taj Mahal at Agra & Hawa Mahal at Jaipur,  so we planned a trip for 3 days. Rohit my friend arranged our air ticket and hotel accommodation. We visited Taj along with a guide, who explained everything about Taj. It was such a wonderful feeling, I don't have words to write. We also visited other historical places in Agra. Hum Agra mei Taj Mahal aur Jaipur mei Hawa Mahal dekhna chahte the, isliye humne 3 din ka bhraman kiya, Mere dost Rohit ne hotel aarakshan aur hawai ticket ka intezam kiya. Hum ek guide ke saath Taj gaye. Usne Taj ke baare mei sab bataya. Yeh bahut hi sukhad anubhav tha, jisey likhane ke liye mere paas shabd nahi hai. Humne Agra ke doosre aetihasik jagaho ko bhi dekha.
We wanted to visit other places , but we have to finish our project also. so, we after finishing our work we are back. Hum aur sthano ko bhi dekhna chahte the, lekin hume apna project bhi karna tha. Isliye hum vaapas aa gaye.
Rest is fine. Baaki sab theek hai.
Yours Tumhaara
Your Name or Signature Tumhara naam yaa hastakshar


golden days - sunahare din,
developing country - vikas sheel desh,
progress - pragati,
diversity - vibhinta,
religion - dharm,
language - bhasha,
crowd - bhid,
well planned city - suniyojit shahr,
wonderful feeling - sukhad anubhav

Try It Out.

1. Write another letter in Hindi languageto your friend describing difficulties you faced during your visit to a new city.

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