Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 2

Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 2 Vyaapaar Bhashha Gyaan

Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  Unit 2 sets out to teach English speakers to talk on telephone in Hindi.

Telephone Conversation (Part-II)

English Hindi
Victor : Hello, This is Victor Smith. Namaste, mein Victor Smith bol raha hoon.
Secretary : Hello Mr Smith. Namaste Mr Smith.
Victor :I would like to talk to Mr Ahuja, Director of Indian Cultural Centre. Is he in? Mein Indian Cultural Centre ke nirdeshak Mr Ahuja se baat karna chahta hoon . Kya woh hain?
Secretary :Yes, but he is busy. Can I take a message. Haan , lekin abhi woh vyast hain. Kya mein koi sandesh le sakti hoon.
Victor :Please tell him Victor Smith from Bank of London rang up. I will call him again. Unko kahna Bank of London say Victor Smith kaa phone tha. Mein dubaara phone karoongaa.
Secretary : Okay,I will convey your message. Theek hai,  mein aapka sandesh de dungi.
Victor :Thank you very much, Good bye. Bahut bahut shukriya, Alvida.


Thank you - Dhanyavaad or Shukriya,
Director - Nirdeshak,
Request - Prarthanaa or Gujarish,
Message - Sandesh,
Wait - Intezaar,
Busy - Vyast,
Good bye - Alvida,
Several times - Kai baar

Try It Out.

1 Read the text several times.

2 Fill in the blanks.

  • Kya mein Mr Ahuja se ------------------?
  • Abhi woh ----------------------
  • Mein aapka -------------------

3 Complete the sentence.

  • Kya mein Mr Ahuja se----------------
  • Unse kahana Victor ne-----------------
  • --------------- shukriya

4 Make sentences with these words.

  • Shukriya
  • Gujarish
  • Vyast
  • Intezar

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