Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 3

Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 3 Vyaapaar Bhashha Gyaan

Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  Unit 3 sets out to teach English speakers to talk on telephone to fix a meeting in Hindi.

Telephone Conversation (Part-III) - Fixing A Meeting

English Hindi
Victor : Is it I C C ? Kya yah I C C hai?
Secretary : Yes. Haan.
Victor : I want to make an appointment with Mr Sharma. Mein Mr Sharma se milna chahta hoon.
Secretary : Who is speaking? Kaun bol raha hai?
Victor : I am Victor from the US Ministry for Foreign Trade. Mein Victor, US Videshi Vyapar Mantralaya se.
Secretary : You can talk to him on phone. I am connecting you. Aap phone par baat kar sakte hain. Mein phone milati hoon.
Secretary : Mr Sharma,  Mr victor from US Ministry of Foreign Trade wants to speak to you. Mr Sharma, US videshi vyapar mantralaya se Mr Victor aapse baat karna chahte hain.
Mr Sharma : Please connect him on  phone. I will speak to him. Unhe phone par mila do. Mein baat karta hoon.
Victor : Good morning, Victor speaking. Namaskar! main Victor bol raha hoon.
Mr Sharma : Good morning, Victor. I heard you want to meet me regarding a contract. Namaskar, Victor. Maine suna tum kisi contract ke silsile mein mujhse milna chahte ho.
Victor : Yes, when and where can we meet? Haan , hum kab aur kahan mil sakte hain?
Mr Sharma : We can meet tomorrow at 6 o clock in Indus restaurant and discuss about the contract. Hum kal 6 baje Indus restaurant mein milkar contract par vichar kar sakte hain.
Victor : Thank you very much. See you tomorrow. Bahut bahut shukriya. Kal milte hain.


Yes - haan,
Who - Kaun,
Foreign - Videsh,
Meet - Milna,
Soon -Jaldi,
Ministery - Mantralaya,
Trade - Vyapar,
When - Kab,
Where - Kahan,
Discussion - Vichar,
Tomorrow - Kal

Try It Out.

1 Read the text several times.

2. Answer these questions.

  • (a) Victor kahan baat kar raha hain ?
  • Victor kahan se baat kar raha hai ?
  • Victor kis se milna chahta hai ?
  • Victor kis silsile mein milna chahta hai?

3 Make sentences with these words.

  • Videsh
  • Jaldi
  • Kahan
  • Vichar

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