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Hindi Language Lessons For Business

Hindi Language Lessons For Business

This tutorial - Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  consists of eighteen units.

This lesson is  - Unit 4. (Previous :: Next lesson)

Unit 4. A few words about myself.


My name is Victor Smith. Mera naam Victor Smith hai.
I am a businessman. Mein ek vyapari hoon.
I was born in London. Mera janm London mein hua.
I have a family. Mera ek parivar hai.
My wife’s name is Ellena. Meri  patni ka naam Ellena hai.
We don’t have  children. Hamara koi bachcha nahi hain.
My parents live not far from London. Mere abhibhawak London se jyada door nahi rahte.
I with my wife started learning Hindi language in London. Meinay  aur meri patni nay London mein Hindi bhasha seekhana shuru kia tha.
I came to work in an English representative office of a bank in Bangalore. Banglore  mein ek bank ke English pratinidhitava daftar  mein kaam karne ka avsar mila
I accepted this offer with pleasure. Mein yeh kaam khusi- khusi sweekar kar lia.
And here in Bangalore, I and my wife continued to learn Hindi language Banglore mein bhi humne Hindi  Bhasha seekhna jaari rakhaa.
We listen Hindi programs on radio, watch Hindi television programs,  and talk to our colleague in Hindi. Hum yahan aksar radio par Hindi program sunte,  TV par Hindi program dekhte aur saath kaam karne vale logo ke saath Hindi mein baat karte.

Word Bag.

Myself- Mere baare mein
Name- Naam
Born - Janm
Family- Pariwar
Wife - Patni
Children- Bachche
Parents - Abhibhawak
Live - Rahna
Far from- Jyada door
Start - Shuru
Learn - Seekhna
Work- Kaam
Representative- Prathinidhitava
Pleasure - Khushi-khushi
Accept - Sweekar
Listen - Sunna
Watch - Dekhna
Talk- Baat
Colleague- Saath kaam karne wale
Recently- Abhi-Abhi
Again- Dubaraa
Decide - Nishchay
Newspaper- Akhbaar
Teacher- Adhyapak
Scientist- Vaigyanik
Occupation -Vyav saaya

Try It Out.

Answer these question.
1 Aapka kya naam hai ? --------------------------------
2 Aapka kya vyavsaya hai ? ---------------------------------
3 Aapka janam kahan hua ? ------------------------------
4 Aapke abhibhawak kahan rahte hain ?------------------------------
5 Aapki patni ka kya naam hai ?------------------------------
6 Kya aap hindi bhasha seekh rahe hain ?------------------------------

Fill in the blanks.
1 Mera Naam ---------------------.
2 Mein ek --------------- hoon .
3 Mein Hindi ---------- seekh rahan hoon .
4 Meine India mein kaam karna -------------- sweekar kiya .
5 Hum aksar radio --------------
6 Hum apne saath kaam karne waalo ke saath ------------hain.

Answer the question : Aap ghar aane ke baad kya karte ho?
1 Telephone par baat karte ho.
2 Radio sunte ho.
3 Hindi bhasha seekhte ho.
4 Newspaper (akhbar) padhte ho.
5 Dosto ke saath baat karte ho.

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