Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 7

Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 7 Vyaapaar Bhashha Gyaan

Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  Unit 7 sets out to teach English speakers to talk about your daily business-work in Hindi.

A Businessman's Working Day

English Hindi
I am pleased to work in India. Indians are interesting  people. Mai India mein kaam karke bahut khush hoo. Bharatiya log mazedar hain.
I want to tell  about my working and workplace. Mein apne kaam aur kaam ke sthan (karya-sthal) ke baare mein batana chahta hoon.
I am working with a well known Indian firm "Household and Personal Necessities Ltd." Mein ek jaani maani Indian firm "Household and Personal Necessities Ltd. ke saath kaam kar raha hoon.
They have recently extended their business and taken up several new lines. Abhi hal mein hi unhone apne vyapar ko badhaya hai aur kaee nayi cheezen nikali hai.
They are supplying the best goods and at reasonable prices. Woh uchit keemato mein badiya saaman dey rahey hai.
Indian and English workers happily work together. Bharatiya aur English karmchari khushi se ek saath kaam karte hain.
Our secretary Stone always keeps in touch with buyers on phone. Hamari secretary Stone hamesha kharidaaron se doorbhash par sampark banaye rakhti hai.
In meetings I with my partner, secretary and team of engineers take a decision on any purchase and sale. Milaap kay dauraan mai, meray hissey daar, sachiv aur abhiyanta ki team mil kar kharidne aur bechne ke baare mein  faisla lete hain.
We often sit together to discuss problems and try to solve it. Hum aksar saath baithkar mushkilo ka hal nikalne ki koshish karte hai.


Indians - Bhartiya,
Enquiry - Poonch taach,
Sell - Bechna,
Purchase or Buy - Kharidna,
Seller - Bechnewaala,
Buyer- Kharidnewala,
As early as possible- Jaldi se jaldi,
Reply- Jabab dena,
Intersting -Mazedar,
People- Log,
Work - Kaam,
Place - Sthan,
Well known - Jaanaa pahchanaa,
Reasonable prices - Uchit keemat,
Best- Sabse Badhiya,
Happily- Khushi-Khushi,
Together- Saath,
Always- Hamesha,
Touch - Sampark,
Decision - Faisla,
Often- Aksar,
Together- Saath,
Problem - Mushkil,
Solve - Hal Nikaalanaa,
Try - Koshish

Try It Out.

1. Answer the questions on the text.

  • Indians kaise log hai?
  • Indian firm ka kya naam hai ?
  • Kharidne aur bechne ka faisla kaun-kaun karta hai?

2. Fill in the blanks.

  • Mein India mein kaam karke ---------- hoo.
  • Indians-------------- log hain.
  • Stone hamesha buyers ke--------------- mein rahti hai.
  • Hum aksar -------- baithkar ------------ ka --------- nikalte hai.

3. Read the following text and retell it in Hindi.

We are sending our catalogue with rates. Our products are standard trade mark.
We want to know your demand, so we can supply our products on time.
We hope to receive your order as early as possible.
Thanking you,

Use our translation to check your answer.

Hum apna catalogue keemat ke saath bhej rahein hai. Hamari Vastuain standard trade mark ke saate hai.
Hum aapki demand janna chahte hai, taaki aapki vastuain samay par supply kar sakain.
Hum aasha karte hai aapka order jaldi se jaldi milega.

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