Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 10

Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 10 seekhe~

Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 10 deals with how to use Hindi words in discussion for medical help at the doctor's clinic in simple Hindi sentences.

At The Doctor's Clinic

English Hindi

Rohan : Good morning, doctor.

Rohan : Namaste, doctor.
Doctor: Good morning. Please take a seat. Doctor: Namste, Kripaya baith jaiye.
Rohan : Thank you, doctor. Rohan : Dhanyabad, doctor.
Doctor: Yes, may I know what your problem is?
Doctor: Haan, kya mai jaan sakata (f.sakati) hoon ki apko kya takalif hai?
bataiye, apko kya takalif hai?
Rohan : I had a severe pain in my abdomen last night. Rohan : Kal raat, mere pet me bahut tej dard tha.
Doctor: Where exactly was the pain? Doctor: Dard kis khas jagah par ho raha tha?
Rohan : Points to a particular area. Rohan : Ek khas jagah par isara karta hai.
Doctor: Could you lie down on the examination table, please? Doctor: Kya aap jaanch-mej par late jayenge?
Rohan : lies down. Rohan : late jata hai.
Doctor: Did you take any pain killer? Doctor: Kya aapne dard door karne ki koi dawa li?
Rohan : Yes, I took a tablet of Brufen. Rohan : Haan, maine ek Brufen ki tikiya liya tha.
Doctor: Did the pain still persist or did it subside? Doctor: Kya dard fir bhi bana raha ya kam ho gaya?
Rohan : I got some relief after I took the tablet. But it shot up at midnight again. Rohan : Tikiya lene ke baad mujhe kuchh aaram mila. Kintu madhyaraat me dubaara tej ho gaya.
Doctor: (pointing to a chair) Come here, please. Well Mr. Rohan, the pain seems to be due to the acidity.
However, since you mentioned that it was quite severe, I would like you to get an ultrasound done before putting you on any medication.
Doctor: (kursi ki taraf isara karte huye) Yahan aaiye. Mr. Rohan, aapka dard acidity ki vajah se lagta hai.
Parntu aapne bataya ki yeh bahut tej tha, isliye mai dawa dene se pahle ek suchhm-dhwani jaanch karwana chahata hoon.
Rohan : Where and when can I get it done? Rohan : Yeh mai kab aur kahan karwa sakta hoo?

English Hindi
Doctor: I am referring you to Dr. Gautam for the same.
You can get it done any time tomorrow morning.
Get back to me in the evening with the report.
Doctor: Mai aapko Dr. Gautam ke pass bhej raha/rahi hoo.
Yeh aap kal subah kabhi bhi karwa sakate hai.
Janch ki report ke sath kal sham aap hamse fir milen.
Rohan : Thank you doctor. How much should I pay? Rohan : Dhanyabad doctor. Mai kitna bhugtan karoo?
Doctor: Rs. 100/- Doctor: Matra ek sau rupaya.
Rohan : (hands over a 100 rupees note) Rohan : (Ek sau rupaye ka note deta hai)
Doctor: Thank you. Doctor: Dhanyabaad.
(After seeing the report) (Report dekhane ke baad)
Doctor: The report matches my diagnosis.
The pain was due to high acidity.
I would advise you to avoid fried food and spices.
Besides, drink plenty of fluids.
I have prescribed a syrup which you have to take after meals.
Follow these and you will not have such problem.
Doctor: Report mere jaanch ke mutabik hi hai.
Dard jyada acidity ki vajah se hua.
Mai aapko salah doonga ki tali aur masaledar cheesen nahi khana hai.
Uske bajay, jyada taral peena hai.
Mai ek syrup bata raha (f.rahi) hoo jo aap khane ke baad peena.
In baato ka dhyan rakhe aur aapko is tarah ki koi takalif nahi hogi.
Rohan : Thank you, doctor. I feel much relieved now. Rohan : Dhanyabad, doctor. Ab mai bahut chain ka ahsas kar raha(f.rahi) hoo.

Word-Bag :

problem - takalif,
severe - tej,
pain - dard,
abdomen - pet,
persist - bana rahana,
tablet - tikiya,
ultrasound - suchhm dhwani,
medication - dawai,
diagnosis - doctor ki janch,
fried - tali hui,
spices - masale,
fluid - taral,
to feel - ahsas karna,
relieved- chain, rahat

Try It Out :

1. You visited a dentist for regular check up. Complete the dialogue between him and yourself  in Hindi

  • You : Good morning, doctor.
  • Dentist : Good morning. How are you?
  • You : I am little worried about my bad breath.
  • Dentist : Let me examine....

2. Find Hindi words for these words. (Hint: Look up Hindi words page or some dictionary)

  • clinic, laboratory, hospital
  • chest, lungs, ear, throat
  • congestion, infection, fever
  • medicine, injections, bandages
  • report, prescription, referral

3. Learn more Hindi words about body parts and common ailments.

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