Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 11

Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 11 seekhe~

Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 11 deals with how to use Hindi words in discussion over a matter of dispute between school students in simple Hindi sentences.

What's The Matter

English Hindi

What's the matter?

Kya baat hai?
In the school gym, Vinay notices that something is wrong with his friend Jay. School ki vyayamshala me Vinay apne dost Jay ko kharab halat me pata hai.
Vinay: What's the matter, Jay? Vinay: Jay, kya baat hai?
Jay: I'm very disturbed. Jay: Mai bahut pareshan hoon.
Vinay: What has disturbed you? Vinay: Tum kis karan/vajah se pareshan ho?
Jay: It's that big boy Nal again. Jay: Fir vahi bada ladaka, Nal.
Vinay: What did he do? Vinay: Kya kiya usne?
Jay: He pushed me, while I was coming down from my class. Jay: jab mai kaksha se neeche aa raha tha tab usne mujhe dhakka de diya.
Vinay: There must be some reason for it. Vinay: Iski koi vajah to hogi.
Jay: No, there is no reason. He is huge in size and bullies other boys in the class. Jay: Nahi, koi vajah nahi hai. Vo sharir se bada hai tatha kaksha me sabko pareshan karta hai.
Vinay: That's very strange! Vinay: Ye to bahut ajib hai.
Jay: Vinay, you have to help me. I want to teach that bully a lesson. Both of us can set him right. Jay: Vinay, tumhe mery madad karni hogi. Mai usko sabak seekhana chahata hoon. Hum dono milkar usko theek kar sakte hai.
Vinay: I'm sorry, friend. We don't come to school to teach lessons to rowdy boys. Vinay: Mujhe khed hai, dost. Ham school me badmash bachcho ko sabak seekhaane nahi aate.
Jay: Look friend, in today's world, only might is right. Jay: Dekh dost, aaj ki duniya me taqatwar hi sahi hai.
Vinay: I don't agree with you. You can't change that boy by your muscle power. Vinay: Mai tumse sahamat nahi hoon. Tum balpurvak usko nahi badal sakte.
Jay: I don't understand. What's wrong in fixing that boy? Jay: Mai nahi samajha. Usko theek karne me kya galat hai?
Vinay: Look Jay, today we two will try to harm him. Tomorrow he will harm you with the help of his friends. There is no end to this kind of rivalry. Vinay: Dekho Jay, aaj hum dono usko nuksan pahuchate hai. kal vo apne dost ke sath tumhe nuksan pahuchayega. Is tarah ki dusmani ka koi ant nahi.
Jay: Then what should we do? Jay: Fir ham kya karen?
Vinay: I suggest you report the matter to the teacher. He will decide how that boy should be reformed. Vinay: Mera sujhav hai ki tum adhyapak ko is bare me bata do. Vo tay kar lenge ki us ladake ko kaise sudhara jaye.
Jay: Yes, I agree with you. Let's go to the teacher. Jay: Haan, mai manata hoon. Chalo adhyapak ke pass chalte hain.

Word-Bag :

Gymnasium - vyayamshala,
disturbed - pareshan,
class - kaksha,
to push - dhakka dena,
reason - vajah,
strange - ajib,
rowdy - badmash,
teach lessons - sabak seekhaana,
change - badal,
by muscle power - balpurvak,
wrong - galat,
might - taqat,
harm - nuksan,
rivalry - dushmani,
teacher - adhyapak (f. adhyapika),
reform - sudhar

Try It Out :

1. Complete the following dialogues between the teacher and Jay in Hindi

  • Jay: Good morning, sir.
  • Teacher : Good morning, Jay.
  • Jay: I have a complaint against Nal.
  • Teacher : Yes, tell me what happened.
  • Jay : -----------------

2. Find Hindi words for these words. (Hint: Look up Hindi words page or some dictionary)

  • playground, swimming pool
  • to pull, to beat, to fight
  • right, wrong
  • strong, healthy, intelligent
  • inform, report, complain

3. Learn more Hindi words about school environment.

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