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Begin Hindi Learning

Hindi Learning For Beginners

This tutorial - Begin Hindi Learning -  is meant for absolute beginners. It  consists of twelve lessons.

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LESSON 2 : Who, What, Where?

Who Kaun
What Kyaa
Where Kahan
Who is he?
He is Gopal.
Vah kaun hai?
Vah Gopal hai.
What is he?
He is a farmer.
Vah kyaa hai?
Vah ek kisan hai.
Where is he?
He is in his field.
Vah kahan hai?
Vah apne khet mein hai.
Who is she?
She is Mrs. Singh.
Vah kaun hai?
Vah Mrs. Singh hain.
What is she?
She is a teacher.
Vah kyaa hain?
Vah ek adhyaapika hain.
Where is she?
She is in her classroom.
Vah kahan hain?
Vah apne kaksha mein hain.
Who is he?
He is Manav.
Vah kaun hai?
Vah Manav hai.
What is he?
He is a student.
Vah kyaa hai?
Vah ek vidyaarthi hai.
Where is he?
He is in his room.
Vah kahan hai?
Vah apne kamra mein hai.
Who are they?
They are Ram and Shyam.
Vey kaun hain?
Vey Ram aur Shyam hain.
What are they?
They are vendors.
Vey kyaa hain?
Vey dukaandaar hain.
Where are they?
They are in a market.
Vey kahan hain?
Vey ek bazaar mein hain.
Who are you?
I am a girl.
Aap (informal.Tum) kaun ho?
Mai ek ladki hoon.
What is your name?
My name is Sophia.
Aapka (informal.Tumhara) naam kya hai?
Mera naam Sophia hai.
What are you?
I am a student.
Aap kyaa (karti) ho?
Main ek vidyaarthi hoon.
Who are you?
We are boys.
Aap kaun ho?
Hum ladke hain.
What are your names?
My name is Raja and his name is Rana.
Aapke naam kyaa hain?
Mera naam Raja hai aur uska naam Rana hai.
What are you?
We are students of St. Paul's School.
Aap kyaa hain?
Hum St. Paul School ke vidyaarthi hain.

Word Bag.

farmer - kisan,  field - khet, teacher - adhyaapak (f. adhyaapika), classroom - kaksha, student - vidyaarthi, room - kamra, vendor - dukaandaar, market- bazaar, girl - ladki, boy - ladkaa(pl. ladke), name - naam

Try It Out.

1. Say in Hindi

2. Find Hindi words for these words. (Hint: Look up Hindi words page or some dictionary)

3. Find more Hindi words that represent/describe other professions and their places of work.

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