Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 5

Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 5 seekhe~

Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 5 deals with how to use Hindi words for Introduction in a casual meeting between two persons - in simple Hindi sentences.

What is your name?

English Hindi


Hello! What is your name? Namaste! Aap kaa naam kyaa hai?
My name is Ronie. What is your name? Mera naam Ronie hai. Aap kaa kyaa naam hai?
My name is John. You are a nice person, Ronie. Mera naam John hai. Ronie, aap ek achchhe vyakti hai.
Thank You, John. Dhanyabaad, John.
Where do you live, Ronie? Ronie, aap kahan rahte hai?
I live in NOIDA. Where do you live, John? Mai NOIDA mein rahtaa/rahtee hoon. John, aap kahan rahte ho?
I live in Embassy Enclave in New Delhi. Mai Embassy enclave, New Dehi me rahataa hoon.
I'm glad to meet you, John. John, aap se mil kar mujhe khusi hui.
Nice to meet you, Ronie. See you again. Ronie, aap se milna achchha rahaa. Fir milenge.

Telling names?

Naam batanaa?
He is a boy.
His name is Ron.
Woh ek ladkaa hai.
Uskaa naam Ron hai.
She is a teacher.
Her name is Suzzane.
Her brother's name is Shan.
Woh ek adhyaapikaa hai.
Uskaa naam Suzzane hai.
Uske bhai ka naam Shan hai.
I'm a student.
My name is Ronie.
Mai ek vidyaarti hoo.
Mera naam Ronie hai.

Word-Bag :

Hello - Suniye,Namaste
nice - achchha,
person - vyakti,
To live - rahana,
glad to meet - mil kar khusi hui,
nice to meet - milna achchha raha,
see again or meet again - fir milenge

Try It Out :

1. Say in Hindi

  • What is your brother's name?
  • My brother's name is .....
  • What is your parents names?
  • My father's name is ..... and my mother's name is .....
  • What is your pet's name?
  • my pet dog's name is Jojo.
  • What is the name of your school?
  • The name of our school is.....
  • What is your nick name?
  • My nick name is.....

2. Find Hindi words for these words. (Hint: Look up Hindi words page or some dictionary)

  • pet, pet bird, pet animal
  • school, college, university
  • sister, mother, father, parents
  • grandfather, grandmother, grand parents
  • friends, classmates, colleagues

3. Learn more Hindi words related to this lesson.

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