Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 6

Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 6 seekhe~

Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 6 deals with how to use Hindi word for "Has, Have, Yes, No" in simple Hindi sentences.

Has, Have, Yes, No

English Hindi

has, have

You have sugar.
You have no sugar.
Aapke pass chini hai.
Aapke pass chini nahi hai.
She has a cat.
He has no cat.
Uske pass billi hai.
Uske pass billi nahi hai.,

What has she in her basket?
She has flowers in her basket.
Uski tokri mein kyaa hai?
Uski tokri mein phool hain.
What have they in their hands?
They have books in their hands.
Unke haath mein kyaa hai?
Unke haath mein kitabe hain.
The women have flowers in their hands.
The men have no flowers in their hands.
Aurato ke haath mein phool hain.
Aadmiyo ke haath mein phool nahi hai.

has..on, have..on

What has he on his head?
He has a hat on his head.
Uske sar par kyaa hai?
Uske sar par topi hai.

Yes, No

Haan, Nahi
Do you have sugar?
Yes, I do have.
Kyaa tumhare pass chini hai?
hann, mere pass hai.
Have you got books in your hands?
No, we have no books in our hands.
We have pencils in our hands.
Kyaa tum sab ke haath mein pustake hain?
Nahi, hamare haath mein pustake nahi hain.
Hamare haath mein pencilain hain.
Have you got a headache, Don?
Yes, I have severe headache.
Don, kyaa tumhe sar dard hai?
Haan, mujhe tej sar dard hai.

Word-Bag :

basket - tokri,
flower - phool,
head - sar,
hat - topi,
hand - haath,
sugar - chini,
cat - billi,
headache - sar dard,
sever - tej

Try It Out :

1. Say in Hindi

  • Can I have an eraser?
  • She has a beautiful dress.
  • Now, televisions don't have antennas.
  • Giraffes have long necks.
  • An owl has a funny face.
  • They have their shoes on their feet.
  • The students have their books in their bags.
  • I have a cup in my hands.
  • The girl has a flower in her hands.

2. Find Hindi words for these words. (Hint: Look up Hindi words page or some dictionary)

  • eraser, pencil, pen, bag
  • television, radio, camera, phone
  • neck, face, leg, feet
  • shoes, socks, gloves
  • cup, plate, spoon, glass

3. Learn more Hindi words related to this lesson.

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