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Begin Hindi Learning

Hindi Learning For Beginners

This tutorial - Begin Hindi Learning -  is meant for absolute beginners. It  consists of twelve lessons.

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LESSON 7 : Using Please!


kripayaa, kripaa karke
Please, may I come in? kripaya, kyaa mein andar aa sakataa (f. sakti) hoon?.
Yes, please come in. Haan, kripayaa andar aaiye.
Can I borrow a book, please. Kripyaa, kyaa mein ek kitab udhar le sakta (f. sakti) hoon?
Yes, you can. Please go to the bookshelf and select the book. Haan, aap le sakte ho. Kripayaa kitabon ki almari se kitab chun kar le aaiye.
Please, give this book to me. Kripayaa, yeh kitab mujhe dijiye.
Sure. Please wait for a moment. Haan jaroor. Kuchh pal intezar kijiye.

Thank you.

Dhanyabad (or, shukriyaa)

Word Bag.

in (or inside) - andar, to come - aanaa, to borrow - udhar lena, to select - chun na, shelf - almari, asking to give - dijiye, to wait - intezar karna, moment - pal

Try It Out.

1. Say in Hindi

2. Find Hindi words for these words. (Hint: Look up Hindi words page or some dictionary)

3. Learn more Hindi words related to this lesson.


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