Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 9

Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 9 seekhe~

Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 9 deals with how to use Hindi words for "Guiding The Way" in simple Hindi sentences.

Guiding The Way

Your friend has come from abroad to India. He wants to visit you at Lucknow. He is staying in Delhi. Guide him about transport, ticket purchase, and other preparations for the journey to visit your place.

English Hindi

Rohan: Good morning, Smith. Rohan here.

Rohan: Namaste, Smith. Mai Rohan hoon.
Smith: Good morning. Great to hear from you. Smith: Namste, Tumse baat karke bahut achchha laga.
Rohan : When will you come to our place, Smith? Rohan : Hamare yahan kab aa rahe ho, Smith?
Smith: Very soon. Tell me way to reach your place. Smith: Bahut jald.  Apne yahan aane ka tarika batao?
Rohan : Certainly. I stay in Lucknow city which is about 500 Kms from Delhi. Rohan : Avasya. Mai Lucknow me rahata hoo jo Delhi se lagbhag 500 kilomete ki duri par hai.
Smith: What is most suitable mode of transport for this journey? Smith: Is yatra ke liye sabse upyukt yatayat ka sadhan kya hai?
Rohan : I suggest you travel by train. Of course, it takes about 8 hours to reach here by train. Rohan : Mai railgadi se aane ki salah doonga. Halanki is me yahan tak aane me takariban 8 ghante lag jayenge.
Smith: Any alternative? Smith: Koi vikalp?
Rohan : Yes, airline services are available. Rohan : Haan, viman subidha bhi maujud hai.
Smith: How long is the flight time? Smith: Udan samay kitna hoga?
Rohan : It is just about an hour. But check-in and check-out time are about 2 hours.
Also drive to and from airport is slightly more. That way, you don't save much on time.
Rohan : Karib ek ghanta. Kintu check-in aur check-out ka samay 2 ghante ke karib hoga.
Aur airport tak jaane tatha vaha se aane ka samay bhi jyada hai. Is tarah se, tum koi jyada samay nahi bacha sakte.
Smith: Then, I will prefer a train journey. Which train will be most comfortable? Smith: Fir, mai railgadi se aana pasand karunga. Kaun si railgadi sabse aaramdeh hai?

English Hindi
Rohan : If you want to travel during day and enjoy site-seeing too, then you can use Shatabdi.
In case you want to travel during night, then use Lucknow mail.
Rohan : Agar din me yatra karna aur drisy-avalokan karana chate ho to Shatabdi ka istemal kar sakte ho.
Agar raat me yatra karna chahate ho to Lucknow mail ka istemal kar sakte ho.
Smith:  I want to travel during daytime. Where and how to get the train ticket? Smith: Mai din ke samay yatra karna chahata hoon. Railgadi ka ticket kahan aur kaise milega.
Rohan : There is a separate ticket counter for Shatabdi trains at New Delhi Railway station. You can purchase your ticket there.
Just be there 30 minutes before the train departure time just to ensure you get the ticket in case there is some rush.
Rohan : Nayi Dilli railway station par Shatabdi ki ek alag ticket khidki hai. Tum apna ticket vahan se kharid sakte ho.
Vahan train chhutane ke 30 minute pahle pahunch jana taki agar bheed hai to bhi ticket mil jaye.
Smith: I will do that. I will start my journey day-after-tomorrow. Do I need to make any other preparation? Smith: Mai vaisa hi karunga. Mai apni yatra parso shuru karunga. kya mujhe koi aur bhi taiyari karni hogi?
Rohan : You will get enough food and drinks in the train. So just carry your personal belongings and your travel documents. Rohan : Tumhe railgadi me khane-peene ke liye bahut kuch mil jayega. Sirf apna khud ka saman aur yatra ke kagajat apne sath le lena.
Smith: That's very nice. Smith: Yeh to bahut achchha hai.
Rohan : I will meet you at Lucknow railway station. Note down my telephone number in case you need to call me again. (tells telephone number) Rohan : Mai tumse Lucknow staion par milunga. Mera telephone number likh lo taki jarurat hone par baat kar sako. (Telephone number batata hai)
Smith: Thank you. See you soon. Smith: Dhanyabaad. Jald hi milte hai.

English Hindi
(At railway station - Inquiry counter) (Railway station - Poonchhtachh khidki par)
Smith: Where can I buy a ticket for Lucknow Shatabdi? Smith: Mai Lucknow Shatabdi ka ticket kahan par kharid sakta hoo?
Enquiry : You can get it at ticket counter No 12. It is third counter on the left from here. Enquiry: Aapko ticket khirdi no 12 par milga. Yahan se baayi taraf teesari khirki.
Smith reaches in front of ticket counter and joins the queue there. Smith tikat khidki ke samane pahunchata hai aur katar me khada ho jata hai.
Booking Person: Yes please? Booking Person: Jee haan?
Smith: I want to purchase a ticket for Lucknow shatabdi. How much is the fare? Smith: Mai Lucknow shatabdi ke liye ek ticket kharidana chahata hoo. Kitna kiraya hai?
Booking Person: Only 987/- INR. Booking Person:987/- rupaye.
Smith: Here it is. Smith: Ye lijiye.
Booking Person: (Hands over the ticket) The train will leave at 6.10 am from platform No. 12. Wish you a happy journey. Booking Person: (ticket dete hue). Railgadi platform No 12 se 6.10 par chhutegi. Kamana karte hai ki aapki yatra sukhad ho.
Smith: Thank you very much. Smith: Bahut - bahut Dhanyabad.

Word-Bag :

transport - yatayat,
preparations - taiyari,
journey - yatra,
about - lagbhag or takariban,
suitable - upyukta,
train - railgadi,
hour - ghanta,
alternative - vikalp,
airline - viman, vayuyan,
available - maujud,
flight time - udan samay,
comfortable - aaramdeh,
sight seeing - drisy avalokan,
use - istemal,
counter - khidki,
documents - kagajat,
buy or purchase - kharidana,
left side - baayi taraf,
third - teesara,
queue - katar,
INR(Rs) - rupaya,
wish - kamana,
happy - khus  haal

Try It Out :

1. Your friend from India is visiting your city. Work out similar dialogues  in Hindi.

2. Find Hindi words for these words. (Hint: Look up Hindi words page or some dictionary)

  • airport, seaport
  • tour, tourist, itinerary
  • road, rail, sea, air
  • city, town, village
  • passport, identity card, driving licence

3. Learn more Hindi words about modes of transport.

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