Hindi Starter Course

Hindi Starter Course

Hindi starter course equips you to speak/converse in Hindi fluently and build preliminary Hindi reading skills.

Lesson modules include -

Begin Hindi Learning

Begin Hindi Learning is ideal if you are considering learning some Hindi as the first step in studying Hindi in greater depth.

At the end of lessons, you would be able to read and write basic Hindi and take part in simple conversations in Hindi.

Learn to Speak/Converse in Hindi

Learn to speak/converse in Hindi as quickly and easily as possible. In these lessons you're going to learn how to speak Hindi in a conversation without hesitation.

Lessons are based on how people actually say things. Learn it without facing tedious grammar lessons in Hindi language.

Learn Hindi Reading

Develop skills and vocabulary needed for following current affairs in major Hindi language daily newspapers.

You get to read selected Hindi newspapers articles specially prepared for learners, with notes and glossaries; and then do writing assignments, and translation activities.

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Talk in Hindi

How to Talk in Hindi

Includes over 200 - most frequently used situation phrases with pronunciation keys that anyone can easily learn to use in no time at all. It can also be used as a traveller's guide to Hindi.

Build knowledge of common situation Hindi words & phrases with emphasis on travel related stuff and learn to use/speak them correctly.


Make use of entitled Hindi tutor support, whenever you need it.

You may use lessons included in Basic course, if you want.

Generally, you should have no problems in viewing Hindi text correctly. But some of the browsers require support for Hindi text layout, otherwise it might display it incorrectly. For detailed explanation, read this Wikipedia article