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Our Aim : Helping Real People Learn Hindi Language

Learn Hindi Online - An Overview

Learn Hindi is designed to help you learn Hindi language. It follows a communicative approach to learning Hindi and uses a methodology for gradually and consistently developing Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills in the Hindi learner. 

This page gives some ideas about how to get started. As you go through this site, you will find free and/or inexpensive learning tools to help you learn Hindi language in a fun-filled way.

Listen & Speak

Choose any of these audio services to learn Hindi. Listen to the program you like and try to imitate the speaker/singer/talk show host..

  1. BBC Hindi service - radio broadcast
  2. WorldSpace - Hindi Music
  3. Hindi songs- available on the Net/your local store
  4. All India Radio or several other radio channels

Read & Speak

Choose any of these.

  1. BBC Hindi News Site (
  2. Wikipedia - Hindi Section
  3. Hindi newspaper/magzine available online

You may need to download Hindi fonts to read Hindi pages properly.

Write & Speak

Hindi is written in "Devnagari" script. For writing in Hindi language, you'll need to ..

  1. be familiar with the alphabets and digits.
  2. use a Hindi Dictionary. There are many available online free such as one at
  3. use a Hindi writing software such as one available free at or at

Try To Speak These Words

Try to speak these Hindi words. The translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

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hello = NA-MA-SKAR
goodbye = ACH-HA
please = KRIP-YA
thank you = DHAN-YA-VAD
it is nice to meet you = AAP SE MIL KE KHU-SHI HUI
take me to my hotel = MUJ-HE HO-TEL LE CH-LI-YE
where is the bathroom = BATH-ROOM KI-DHAR HAI
how much does this cost = YEH KIT-NE KA HAI
how are you = KYA HAAL HAI
want to make a phone call = PHONE KAR-NAA HAI
where's the phone = PHONE KA-HAAN HAI
what time is it = KYA SA-MAY HAI
help = MA-DAD
doctor = DOCTOR
police = PU-LIS
pharmacy = CHEMIST
taxi = TAXI
train = TRAIN
subway = SUB-WAY
bus = BUS
street = SA-DAK
left = BA-YEN
right = DA-YEN, DA-HINE
middle = BEECH
under = NEE-CHE
beef = (forbidden)
chicken = CHIC-KEN
lamb = LAMB
fish = MACHH-LI
pork = PORK
veal = (forbidden)
ham = HAM
broil = BHOON-NA
bake = SEK-NA
boil = U-BA-AL-NA
fry = TAL-NA
vegetable = SUB-ZI
salad = SA-LAAD
bread = RO-TEE
cheese = PA-NEER
rice = CHA-WAL
potato = A-A-LU
soup = SOUP
chocolate = CHOCOLATE
dessert = MIT-HAI
coffee = COFFEE
tea = CHAI
milk = DOODH
beer = BEER
water = PA-A-NEE

Have Your Say!

If you ever think a topic is not explained clearly or think we should add a specific lesson, please let us know. will go out of its way to make these Learn Hindi Online resources the best on the net. Chances are, you will find a better web site the next time you come back