Learn Hindi Language Tutorial - Indian Politics

Learn Hindi Language Tutorial - Indian Politics seekhe~

Learn Hindi Language tutorial - Indian Politics - is based around reading Hindi newspapers and developing the language skills and vocabulary needed for following current affairs in major Hindi language daily newspapers.

Please Note:
These news articles are included here for the purpose of lesson alone. These may not be current, and should not be compared with present situations.

Topic 1. No More Increase In Areas Under 'Salva Judoom'

फिलहाल आगे नही बढेगा 'सलवा जुडूम'

सरकारी सुत्रो के मुताबिक छत्तीशगढ मे नक्सलवादियो के खिलाफ छेडे गये 'सलवा जुडूम' अभियान को पुराने इलाके मे ज्यादा मजबूत किया जायेगा लेकिन नये इलाको मे सलवा जुडूम की शुरुआत नही होगी।

दरअसल छत्तीशगढ राज्य मे नक्सलवाद के खिलाफ आदिवासियो को साथ लेकर शुरु किये गये इस आन्दोलन के बाद राज्य मे रक्तपात बढ गया है।

तमाम वामपन्थी संगठन और राजनैतिक दल भी सलवा जुडूम बंद करने के लिये राज्य सरकार पर दबाव डाल रही है।

Naxal groups are associated with class struggle in tribal and backward areas of some of Indian states. Government is trying to control it with the help of local population.

According to Government sources, 'Salva Judoom' plan started against naxal groups in Chhattishgarh state will be strengthened in old areas but will not be started in any new area.
In fact, this movement in Chhattishgarh state started in association with local tribes against naxal groups has increased the bloodshed in this state.
Many leftist organisations and political parties too are putting pressure on state government to close down 'Salva Judoom' plan.

filhaal - right now
abhiyaan - plan
andolan - movement
raktpaat - bloodshed
tamaam - several
vaampanthi - leftists (communists)
sangathan - groups
raajnaitik - political


Answer in Hindi.
a. What is the name of the government plan to control naxalism?
b. What is the outcome of the plan?
c. Who all are opposing this plan?

Topic 2. Left Parties Ready To Grill Government On Nuclear Agreement

परमाणु समझौते पर सरकार को नही बख्शेगे वामदल्

परमाणु समझौते को लेकर सरकार पर शिकंजा कसने मे वामदलो को भाजपा के सहयोग से कोइ गुरेज नही है। माकपा ने सरकार के समक्ष शर्ते रख दी है जिसके लिये संसद मे सरकार को मुख्य विपक्षी दल भाजपा को विश्वास मे लेना होगा।

माकपा ने परमाणु समझौते को लेकर नौ आपत्तिया गिनायी है, जिसे केन्द्र सरकार को सौप दिया गया है।

परमाणु समझौते के कई प्रावधानो को अमेरिकी सरकार ने बदल दिये है, जो इन पार्टियो को बेहद आपत्ति जनक लग रहे है।

Nuclear agreement between India and USA has become a cause for intense debate in Indian parliament.

On the matter of atomic agreement, the left parties have no objection to join hands with Bharateey Janata Party (BJP - a right wing party). CPM has placed such conditions in before the Government which forces it to take main opposition party BJP into confidence.
CPM has raised nine objections about atomic agreement which has been handed over to the Government.
The US authorities have made many amendments in the atomic agreement, which seem to be highly objectionable to these parties.

parmaanu - nuclear
samajhauta - agreement
vaamdal - left parties (communist political parties )
bhaajapaa - Bharateey Janataa Party
maakapaa - Marxist Communist Party
mukhya vipakshi dal - main opposition party
viswaas - confidence


Answer in Hindi
a. Which political party is opposing the current nuclear agreement between India and America?
b. What is main reason for opposing it?

Topic 3. Office Of Profit Bill Presented To President For Approval Again

लाभ का पद विधेयक जस का तस राष्ट्रपति को वापस

लाभ का पद संबन्धी विवादास्पद विधेयक एक बार फिर जस का तस राष्ट्रपति के पास पहुच गया है। विपक्ष ने इसका भारी विरोध किया है।

राज्यसभा के बाद लोकसभा ने भी लंबी बहस के बाद विपक्ष के तमाम कानूनी और नैतिक सवालो को दरकिनार करते हुए विधेयक को मंजूरी दे दी है। बहस के दौरान कई बार सत्तापक्ष और विपक्ष् मे नोक-झोक हुई।

Office of Profit bill deals with the exemption granted to certain office posts that can be held by a Member of Parliament in India. In general, members of Indian Parliament are forbidden to occupy any official post.

The controversial Office of Profit bill is once again back to the President, as it is. The opposition has strongly objected to it.
After Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Parliament), Lok Sabha (Lower House of Parliament) too passed this bill, setting aside all legal and ethical issues raised by opposition. On many occasions during discussion, the ruling and opposition parties had severe altercations.

vidheyak - constitutional bill or order
jas ka tas - without any change
raastrapati - President of India
vivadaspad - controversial
sattapaksh - ruling political parties
vipaksh - political parties in opposition
darkinar - set aside, cast away
nok jhok - altercation


Answer in Hindi
a. Who opposed the bill?
b. Which two sabha are mentioned above?
c. Which two paksh are mentioned above?

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