Learn Hindi Language Tutorial - International Issues

Learn Hindi Language Tutorial - International Issues seekhe~

Learn Hindi Language tutorial -  International issues - is based around reading Hindi newspapers and developing the language skills and vocabulary needed for following current affairs in major Hindi language daily newspapers.

Please Note:
These news articles are included here for the purpose of lesson alone. These may not be current, and should not be compared with present situations.

Topic 1. Lebanon-Israel Conflict

इजरायल और हिजबुल्ला दोनो पर बरसा भारत । बीच-बचाव न करने के लिये सुरक्षा परिषद की भी आलोचना ।

पश्चिम एशिआ पर अपनी पुरानी नीति पर कायम भारत ने हिज्बुल्ला के हाथो इसरायली सैनिको के अपहरण तथा बदला लेने के लिये की गयी इसरायल की सैन्य कारवाई की निन्दा करते हुये सभी पक्षो से वैमनस्य तुरन्त खत्म करने के प्रयास करने की अपील की है।

भारतीय राजदूत ने संयुक्त राष्ट्र मे कहा कि अंतरराष्ट्रीय समुदाय को चाहिए कि वह दोनो पक्षो को बातचीत के रास्ते पर लौटने का अनुरोध करे।

Kidnapping of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah group and retaliatory action by Israel is once again escalating the tension in West Asian region.

India angry with both Israel and Hezobollah. Criticises UN too for not mediating between the two.

India standing firm on its old policy on West Asia has condemned the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers by Hizobollah and consequent Israeli military action in retaliation while appealing for efforts to end this enmity immediately.
Indian ambassador at UN stated that international community should appeal to both sides to return back to path of dialogues/negotiations.

suraksha parishad - security council (UNO)
apaharan - kidnapping
sainya kaarawaai - military action
sanyukta rastra sangh - United Nations Organisation


Answer in Hindi:
Who has been kidnapped and by whom?
What can UNO possibly do?

Topic 2. Israel Rejects Truce Offer

इजरायल ने युध्द विराम की अपील ठुकराई

इजरायल ने मानवीय सहायता के लिये 72 घंटे के युध्द विराम से संबन्धित संयुक्त राष्ट्र संघ के आह्वान को ठुकरा दिया । दक्षिणी लेबनान के सीमावर्ती इलाको मे इजरायली बलो और हिज्बुल्लाह चापामारो के बीच लडाई जारी है।

महासचिव संयुक्त राष्ट्र संघ ने उन देशो की एक बैठक बुलाई है जो लेबनान - इजरायली सीमा पर तैनात किये जाने वाली अंतरराष्ट्रीय सेना मे अपने जवान भेज सकते है।

Kidnapping of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah group and retaliatory action by Israel has developed into a major crisis.

Israel rejects truce offer

Israel has rejected the appeal by UNO for a 72 hour ceasefire for humanitarian assistance.
General Secretary UNO has called for a meeting of all those Nations who can send their troops to UN forces to be deployed on Lebanon - Israeli border.

yuddh - war
viram - pause
maanveey - humanitarian
seemavarti ilaaka - area near borders
sanyukta rastra sangh - United Nations Organization


Answer in Hindi:
a. What was the appeal made by UNO?
b. Why was this appeal made?

Topic 3. Pakistan Could Build 40-50 Nuclear Bombs Every Year

पाक की हर साल 40 से 50 परमाणु हथियार बनाने की तैयारी : विशेषज्ञ

दक्षिण एसियाई क्षेत्र मे हथियारो की होड नये सिरे से तेज होने की आशंका जताते हुये द वाशिंगटन पोस्ट नामक अखबार ने कहा है कि पाकिस्तान एक ऐसे परमाणु रिएक्टर का निर्माण कर रहा है जिसमे हर साल करीब 40 से 50 परमाणु हथियारो के लिये पर्याप्त प्लुटोनियम का उत्पादन किया जा सकेगा।

पाकिस्तान ने कहा है कि परमाणु इकाइयो की सूची का आदान-प्रदान करने के एक द्विपक्षीय समझौते के तहत इस संयन्त्र की सूचना भारत को दी जा चुकी है।

Pakistan's nuclear weapon stock-piling has always been a cause for worry for maintaining peace in South Asia region.

Fearing fresh escalation in arms race in South Asian region, The Washington Post newspaper reported that Pakistan is constructing such an atomic reactor that enables them to produce adequate plutonium for about 40-50 atomic weapons every year.
Pakistan has stated that information about this plant has already been sent to India under a bilateral agreement to exchange the list of atomic units.

har saal - every year
paramaanu - nuclear
hathiyaar - weapon
visheshagya - specialist
aasankaa - doubt, concern
akhabaar - newspaper
utpaadan - production
aadaan pradaan - exchange, give & take
sanyantra - production facility
soochanaa - information


Answer in Hindi:
According to news report, how is Pakistan increasing it's weapon  making capabilities?
What explanation has Pakistan given?

Topic 4. Castro Temporarily Hands Over Reins To Brother

कास्त्रो ने भाई को अस्थायी तौर पर सौपी सत्ता

क्युबा के राष्ट्रपति फिडेल कास्त्रो ने सत्ता अस्थायी तौर पर अपने भाई राउल को हस्तान्तरित कर दी है। गौरतलब है कि 47 साल बाद यह पहला मौका है जब क्युबा की बागडोर कास्त्रो के अलावा किसी और के हाथो मे होगी।

कास्त्रो 13 अगस्त 2006 को 80 वर्ष के हो रहे है। कास्त्रो का पत्र पढते हुये उनके सचिव ने बताया कि उनकी सर्जरी हुई है जिसके मद्देनजर कास्त्रो ने अस्थायी तौर पर सत्ता कुछ हफ्ते के लिये अपने भाई तथा रक्षामन्त्री राउल को सौप दी है।

राउल कास्त्रो का घोषित उत्तराधिकारी भी है।

Cuban President Fidel Castro is the world's third largest serving head of state.  Castro has ruled in Cuba since his guerrillas overthrew a dictator in 1959.

Cuban President Fidel Castro has temporarily transferred reins to his brother Raul Castro. It is to be noted that this is the first occasion after 47 years when Cuba will be in the hands of someone else other than Fidel Castro.
Fidel Castro will become 80 years of age on 13 August 2006. Reading a letter from him, his secretary informed that he has undergone a surgery because of which the governance has temporarily been handed over to his brother and the Defence Minister Raul castro.
Raul is already declared as successor to Fidel Castro.

raastrapati - president
satta - governance
asthaayi - temporary
hastantarit karanaa - to transfer
gaurtalab - noteworthy
baagdor - reins
sachiv - secretary
maddenajar - in view of
rakshamantri - defence minister
uttaradhikari - successor


Answer in Hindi:
a. How long has Castro been ruling in Cuba?
b. What has prompted him to handover reins to his brother?
c. Whom has he declared as his successor?

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