Learn Hindi Language Tutorial - Development Issues

Learn Hindi Language Tutorial - Development Issues seekhe~

Learn Hindi Language tutorial -  Development Issues - is based around reading Hindi newspapers and developing the language skills and vocabulary needed for following current affairs in major Hindi language daily newspapers.

Please Note:
These news articles are included here for the purpose of lesson alone. These may not be current, and should not be compared with present situations.

Topic 1. Religion Based Reservation Proposal Opposed

धर्म के आधार पर आरक्षण का विरोध

केन्द्र सरकार ने कहा कि धर्म के आधार पर आरक्षण संविधान के अनुच्छेद 14 का उल्लघन होगा जिसके तहत सभी धर्म्, जाति, नस्ल, और लिङ की समानता को सुनिश्चित करने का प्रावधान है।

उन के अनुसार शैक्षणिक संस्थाओ मे आरक्षण सामाजिक और आर्थिक रूप से पिछडे वर्गो के लिये आवश्यक हो गया है।

For improving the economic and social conditions of downtrodden classes in India, a certain percentage is reserved for them in Government institutions. This has always been a point of debate in political circles.

Central Government stated that reservation on the basis of religion will contravene Section 14 (of constitution) under which equality is ensured for all religions, castes, clans, and genders in the constitution.
According to them, it has become necessary to provide reservation in educational institutions to socially and economically backward classes.

dharm - religion
aarakshan - reservation
virodh - opposition
samanata - equality
sunischit - to ensure
shaikshnik - educational
sanstha - institution
aavasyak - essential


Answer the following questions in Hindi
a. What reason is quoted by central government while opposing reservation on religious grounds?
b. What is essential according to government?

Topic 2. N I P Project For Agriculture On The Anvil

कृषि के लिये एन आई पी परियोजना शुरू

पिछले आठ साल से लगभग ठहर सी गयी कृषि विकास की दर को फिर से तेज करने और नये जमाने की तकनीको के जरिये कृषि का कायापलट करने के लिये राष्ट्रीय कृषि नवीनीकरण परियोजना (एन आई पी) की शुरुआत की गयी है। लगभग 1170 करोड रुपये की इस परियोजना मे 80 फीसदी निवेश विश्व बैक की तरफ से किया जायेगा ।

इस परियोजना के तहत उत्पादन और उपभोग्ता क्षेत्र मे अनुसंधान के साथ - साथ मौलिक और रणनीतिक अनुसंधान व ब्यापारिक विकास मे संस्थागत कुशलता को बढावा दिया जाना है।

Agriculture plays an important role in economy. Therefore, plans to improve agriculture assume great importance.

National Agriculture Improvement Project (N I P) has been started to accelerate the almost static agricultural growth rate for previous eight years; and to bring in a transformation in Agriculture sector through new-age techniques. In this project of about Rs. 1170 crores, 80% investment is going to be made by World bank.
Under this project, in addition to research in production and consumer sector, improvement is also envisaged in institutional skills in primary as well as strategic research and commercial development.

krishi - agriculture
pariyojana - project
aath - eight
saal - year
nivesh - investment
utpadan - production
upbhogta - consumer
anusandhan - discovery


Answer following questions in Hindi
a. What is the name of the project initiated?
b. Who is investing in it and how much?
c. What is the objective of the project?

2. Revise Hindi numbering system (available on this site).

Topic 3. America Not Ready To Leave Control Of Internet

इंटरनेट पर कब्जा छोडने को तैयार नही अमेरिका

अमेरिकी वाणिज्य विभाग के तहत एक संस्थान इंटरनेट कारपोरेशन फार एसाइंड नेम्स एंड नंबर्स (आइकेन्) के जिम्मे वेबसाइटो का डोमैन नाम तय करने का काम है। प्रारंभ मे कहा गया था कि सन 2000 तक आइकेन को पूरी तरह निजी संस्था बना कर सारे नियंत्रण दे दिये जायेगे। लेकिन तब से अमेरिकी सरकार पाच बार इस समयसीमा को बढा चुकी है। ताजा समयसीमा 30 सितम्बर 2006 को समाप्त हो रही है।

दुनियाभर मे ज्यादातर देश व संस्थाये लगातार आवाज उठा रहे है कि डोमैन नाम की ब्यवस्था को किसी अंतरराष्ट्रीय नियंत्रण मे लाया जाये। युरोपीय संघ समेत कई देशो का आरोप है कि अमेरिका राजनैतिक कारणो से यह अधिकार नही छोडना चाहता । इसलिये कई देशो की राय है कि दुनिया भर मे इंटरनेट के परिचालन को नियन्त्रित करने के लिये संयुक्त राष्ट्र संघ जैसी कोई विश्व संस्था होनी चाहिये।

There is a growing discontent among other nations over the continued dominance of America on internet matters.

An institution under American Commerce Division - ICANN is responsible for assgning domain names for websites. Initially, it was stated that ICANN will be made an independent institution and handed over all controls by year 2000. But since then, American government has increased this time limit five times. Current time limit is going to end in 2006.
Most countries and institutions in the world are continuously raising voices to bring management of domain names under some international control. Many countries including European Union have alleged that America does not want to leave this authority due to political reasons. Therefore, many countries in the world are of the opinion that there should be some world institution like United Nations Organisation (UNO) to regulate the internet usage in the world.

kabja - possession
chhodana - to leave
taiyar - ready
samay seema - time limit
niyantran - control
byavastha - management


Answer the following questions in Hindi
a. Who is responsible for domain names?
b. What is being demanded by different countries?

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