Body Parts In Hindi Words

English > Body Parts In Hindi Words equivalents of body parts are given here. Learn and use these Hindi Words for body parts.

Word Hindi हिन्दी
body badan बदन
head sar सर
hair baal बाल
face chehra चेहरा
eye ankh आँख
ear kaan कान
nose naak नाक
mouth munh मुँह
teeth daat दाँत
tongue jibh जीभ
breast chhaati छाती
belly pet पेट
arm baazoo बाजू
hand haath हाथ

Word Hindi हिन्दी
elbow kohni कोहनी
palm hatheli हथेली
finger ungli ऊंगली
fingernail nakhun नाखून
leg taang टाँग
skin chamari चमडी
bone haddi हड्डी
heart dil दिल
blood khoon खून
urine peshab पेशाब
faeces, feces paikhaana पैखाना


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