Our Aim

Helping Real People Learn Hindi Language.

Since 2006, this site is used by Hindi language learners of all age groups. To match individual learning needs, it offers multiple options of lessons & tutorials, reference materials and related resources to learn Hindi.

This site is designed to help you learn Hindi language. It follows a communicative approach to learning Hindi and uses a methodology for gradually and consistently developing Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing skills in the Hindi learner.

A few words about us

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    We're Good and Growing

    As of 01 January 2016, HindiLearner has over 100,000 visitors per month with 675,000 page views, and is growing steadily.

    People of all ages, from all over the world, visit HindiLearner. But if we must get statistical, 70% of our visitors are children, 12 - 20 years old, and live in the US and Canada, with a strong showing from the U.K., Australia, and India.

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    HindiLearner is rich in content

    Hindi tutorials and learning tips; articles on Indian living, diets, religious and social celebrations; comment on food, films, festivals; support resources with our learner-friendly books, articles and website information.

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  • Get Recognition.

    We are here since 2006 and command a leading position in this niche. Getting associated with us gives you instant recognition.

  • Good Earning Opportunities.

    You benefit through tutoring assignments and/or affiliate earnings.

  • We Support You

    You can leverage our site resources for creating a buzz about Hindi. For resources that are available to our subscribers only, you will need to subscribe too. We also extend support towards researching any topic/answering queries/helping Hindi students in any possible way.

Meet our team

HindiLearner Team

Sami Rathi

Your site developer. Hope you find it useful. I'm eager to hear your views about this Hindi site.

HindiLearner Team Member

Kavita Singh

A post graduate in Hindi from Delhi University (India). She looks after Hindi learning resources offered here on this site.

HindiLearner Team Member


A trained journalist, he has taken upon himself to test the site for it's ease of understanding the subject topics by a non-Hindi person.

HindiLearner Team Member


Individuals who have joined our team of tutors and guides to help Hindi learners.

Our History

  • Website launched with Hindi lessons and tutorials for elementary/basic Hindi skills.

  • First major revision. Additional lessons and tutorials included to cater for intermediate level Hindi skills.

  • Second revision. More lessons and tutorials included to cater for advance level Hindi skills.

  • Website overhauled for responsive design. Some more lessons and tutorials added.

  • Present site. Made mobile responsive.

Our Approach

  • Minimize learning time at economical cost.
  • Hands-on solution in all parts of globe.

The site is designed to help Hindi language learners. Use the growing collection of tutorials and other resources available at this Hindi site and you will find learning Hindi language quite easy.

To match individual learning needs, it offers multiple learning solutions. Just begin with one that suits your present Hindi learning needs.

We welcome your suggestion, opinion, or comment. Please let us know your views to improve our site content and services.


  • It is my wish to learn Hindi language. I found this Hindi language learning site. I am very glad to use it and I want to say thank you very much.

    Solomon Ggiorgis


  • Congratulations for this great site. It's a good idea to have a recording next to the tutorials lessons, having in mind that the pronunciation of words are very different from the written one.

    Simone Queiroz