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HindiLearner Home Study Courses (If You're In No Hurry)

HindiLearner Home Study Course
Learning Outcome

Make grammatically correct sentences in Hindi.
Speak with correct pronunciation.
Be able to converse fluently in Hindi.
Understand someone speaking in Hindi.
Read something written in Hindi.
...and discover exactly what to say in different situations.

Time Frame

10-12 Weeks with about 1 hour daily of learning time.

You Get

Hindi learning software package that you download to your computer. Once you've downloaded it, you can access and learn these Hindi lessons even without internet connection.

Where to Get It
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Hindi Learning Simplified - Video Courses Online (If You're Somewhat In A Hurry)

Hindi Alphabets & Pronunciation

Learning Hindi alphabets and pronunciation
Learning Outcome

Recognize Roman transliteration of Hindi alphabets.
Recognize Hindi alphabets written in Devanagari script.
Understand significance of vowel symbols in Hindi pronunciation/writing.
Understand the way each alphabet is spoken and written.
Develop accurate pronunciation skill of different Hindi syllables.

Time Frame

About 12 hours of learning time. Acquiring good pronunciation skill depends upon additional practice.

You Get

A two part video course of about 30 minutes duration each to achieve clear understanding of Hindi alphabets' reading, writing, pronunciation and how you can utilize it in different circumstances.   ...more info.

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Forming Sentences in Hindi

Making Hindi Sentences
Learning Outcome

Arrange Hindi words in proper order to form correct sentences.
Check for gender or number mistakes in words used.
Speak out these sentences in correct manner.
Make simple talk with people in Hindi.
Put questions to others in Hindi.
Create grammatical and sensible Hindi sentences.

Time Frame

About 15 hours of learning time. More practice to get adequate confidence in speaking.

You Get

A two part video course of about 45 minutes duration each to learn how to structure the different kinds of basic sentences in Hindi including interrogative (questions) sentences that enable you to talk in Hindi.   ...more info.

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Conversation in Hindi

Conversation in Hindi
Learning Outcome

Introducing Yourself,
Getting What You Want,
Getting a Better Deal,
Describing a Person,
Making Small Talk,
Understanding Directions and locations to get around
Talking about Life's Necessities, and
Romantic Hindi Phrases and Expressions

Time Frame

About 18 hours of learning time. Fluency increases as you converse more.

You Get

A two part video course of about 35 minutes duration each to learn how to speak Hindi in a conversation without any hesitation.  ...more info.

Where to Get It

Hindi Grammar Essentials

Essential Hindi Grammar
Learning Outcome

Nouns in Hindi,
Adjectives in Hindi,
Pronouns in Hindi,
Verbs in Hindi,
Adverbs in Hindi,
Postpositions, Conjunctions, Interjections in Hindi,
Prefix, Suffix in Hindi, and
Hindi Compounds.

Time Frame

About 21 hours of learning time. Clarity and confidence depend on practice.

You Get

A two part video course of about 60 minutes duration each to become confident about the correct Hindi grammar for every situation.   ...more info.

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Self Study Courses - Online Videos (If You're Time-Stretched)

9 Steps To Speed-Learn Hindi

Speed Learning Hindi
Learning Outcome

Learn to form different kinds of Hindi words and phrases,
Make sentences using these words and phrases,
Make use of above knowledge to talk in Hindi.

Time Frame

About 9 hours of learning time

You Get

An online video course of concise Hindi grammar lessons to help you build your Hindi language knowledge on a solid foundation. It is structured in such a way that you learn Hindi step by step from the basics to more complicated topics. ...more info.

Where to Get It

How to Talk in Hindi

Talking in Hindi
Learning Outcome

Build knowledge of common situation Hindi words & phrases with emphasis on travel related stuff.

Learn to speak these correctly.

Time Frame

About 6 hours of learning time

You Get

An online video course that includes over 200 - most frequently used situation phrases with pronunciation keys that anyone can easily learn to use in no time at all. It can also be used as a traveller's guide to Hindi. ...more info.

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eBooks :

Here are the Hindilearner courses available as text books - suitable for those who don't want to access it on the web for any reason; or just want to try out available options.


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