Hindi Verb Words

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Verbs in Hindi Words


Word Hindi हिन्दी
to eat khana, kha खाना, खा
to bite kaatna काटना
to be hungry bhukh lagna भुख लगना
to drink pina पीना
to be thirsty pyas lagna प्यास लगना
to sleep sona सोना
to lie letna लेटना
to sit baethna बैठना
to give dena देना
to burn jalaana जलाना
to die marna मरना
to kill maarna मारना
to fly udna उडना
to walk chalna चलना
to run daurna दौड्ना
to go jaanaa जाना
to come aanaa आना
to speak bolna बोलना
to hear sunana सुनना
to look dekhna देखना
to knock khatkhatana खटखटाना


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