Hindi Bad Words

Hindi Bad Words bad words and phrases with their English equivalents are given here. This is meant to help you :

  • Understand how people swear, curse, cuss and insult in Hindi Language.
  • Avoid being rude, insulting or vulgar while talking to others in Hindi.

Bad Words In Hindi
Hindi Bad Words English Equivalents
Badir Idiot
Badirchand Idiot
Bakland Idiot
Bhandava Pimp
Bhoot-nee ka Son of a Witch
Chinaal Whore
Chup Kar Shut Up
Chutia / Chutiya / choo-tia / Chutan Fucker / Bastard
Ghasti / gashti / gasti / ghassad Hooker
Haraami Bastard
Haraam Zaada Bastard
Hijda / Hijra Transsexual / Gay
Jaan var Animal
Kutta Dog
Kuttiya Bitch
Khota Donkey
Khotey ki aulad Son of donkey
Kutte ki jat Breed of dog
Najayaz Illegitimate
Najayaz paidaish Illegitimately born
Saala kutta Bloody dog
Saali kutti Bloody bitch
Soover Pig (Very offensive to Muslims)
Tatti Shit

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