Travel Related Talk In Hindi

Travel Related Talk in Hindi Baatcheet

Travel Related Talk in Hindi -  helps you learn how to enquire about travel arrangements in Hindi. It consists of typical questions asked to enquire about someone and response that would normally be given in English, Hindi (Roman) and Hindi (Devnagri).

Travel Related Talk In Hindi


Question Response
Which way to the airport?
Hawai adda kis taraf hai?
हवाइ अड्डा किस तरफ है?
Take the left turn at next crossing.
Agaley chaurahe par baayen ghoom jaanaa.
अगले चौराहे पर बायेँ घूम जाना।
How much time it takes to reach there?
Vahaan pahuchane mein kitna samay lagega?
वहाँ पहुचने मे कितना समय लगेगा?
Approximately 30 minutes.
Lagbhag tees minute.
लगभग तीस मिनट्।
What is the flight number?
Udaan sankhya kya hai?
उडान स़ख्या क्या है?
Flight number 604.
Udaan Sankhya 604.
उडान स़ख्या छः सौ चार्।
What time does it leave?
Vo kitne baje jata hai?
वो कितने बजे जाता है?
It's scheduled departure time is 2.30 AM.
Iska jaane ka nirdharit samay subah do baj kar tees minute par hai.
इसका जाने का निर्धारित समय सुबह दो बज कर तीस मिनट पर है।
How much the excess baggage charge?
Jyada saman ka kitna bhugtaan?
ज्यादा सामान का कितना भुगतान्?
Rs. 90 per kg only.
Matr nabbe rupaya prati kilogram.
मात्र नब्बे रुपया प्रति किलोग्राम्।

Word-Bag : Travel Related Talk in Hindi

airport - hawai adda
to reach - pahuchana
time - samay
flight number - udaan sankhya
excess baggage - jyada saman
charge, payment - bhugtaan
how much - kitna
scheduled - nirdharit

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