Conversation In Hindi During Sight-Seeing

Conversation in Hindi during Sight-seeing Baatcheet

Conversation in Hindi during Sight-seeing -  helps you learn how to enquire about sight seeing aspects in Hindi. It consists of typical questions asked to enquire about someone and response that would normally be given in English, Hindi (Roman) and Hindi (Devnagri).

Talk in Hindi during Sight-seeing


Question Response
What is worth seeing here?
Yahaan dekhane layak kya hai?
यहाँ देखने लायक क्या है?
There are some temples and an old fort.
Vahaan kuchh mandir hain aur ek purana kila.
वहाँ कुछ मंदिर है और एक पुराना किला।
How many temples are there?
Vahaan kitne mandir hain?
वहाँ कितने मन्दिर है?
24 temples in all but 10 of them are in ruins.
Kul chaubis mandir haiin lekin unmein se dus khandahar hai.
कुल चौबीस मन्दिर है लेकिन उनमें से दस खन्डहर है।
Where is the fort?
Kila kidhar hai?
किला किधर है?
The fort is on the other side of river.
Kila nadi ke dusari taraf hai.
किला नदी के दुसरी तरफ है।
Please take me there.
Kripaya mujhe vahaan le chaliye.
कृपया मुझे वहाँ ले चलिये।
With pleasure.
Khusi se.
खुशी से।
How long will it take?
Is mein kitna samay lagega?
इस मे़ कितना समय लगेगा?
It will take about 3 hours.
Takariban teen ghante lagenge.
तकरीबन तीन घन्टे लगेंगे।
Then, take us back.
Phir, humko vapas le chalo.
फिर्, हमको वापस ले चलो।
All right.
Theek hai.
ठीक है।

Word-Bag : Conversation in Hindi during Sight-seeing

worth seeing - dekhane layak
here - yahaan, idhar
there - vahaan, udhar
temple - mandir
fort - kila
back - vapas
how long - kitna samay
ruins - khandahar

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