Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 12

Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 12 seekhe~

Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 12 deals with Hindi words for vacation terms in simple Hindi sentences.

Where Did You Go


English Hindi

Where Did You Go?

Aap kahan Gaye the?
Jay is back home from a trekking trip in Himalayan hills. He is tired but excited to tell his friend about it. Jay Himalya ki pahadiyo me ek bhraman yatra se vapas aaya hai. Vo thaka hua hai phir bhi apne mitra ko is yatra ke bare me batane ke liye bechain hai.
Vinay: Hello Jay! How are you? I missed you a lot. Vinay: Jay! Tum kaise ho? Mai tumhe bahut yaad kar raha tha.
Jay: Me too. Vinay. Jay: Mai bhi. Vinay.
Vinay: Where did you go? Vinay: Tum kahan gaye the?
Jay: I went for a trekking trip in Himalayan hills. Jay: Mai Himalay ki pahadiyo me ek bhraman yatra par gayaa tha.
Vinay: Oh! really! Did you enjoy trekking there? Vinay: Kya! Such! Kya tumne vahan bhraman ka anand liya?
Jay: Yes, we had great time amidst the green hills of Himalayas. Jay: Haan, humne Himalaya ki hurry pahadiyo me behad achchha samay bitaya.
Vinay: Did you get a chance to talk to local people there? Vinay: Kya tumhe vahan ke sthaniya nivasiyo se baat karne ka mauka mila?
Jay: Yes, we did. They were very polite and cheerful. Jay: Haan, humne kiya. Vo log bahut vinamra aur khusmijaj the.
Vinay: And how was the food there? Vinay: Aur vahan khana kaisa tha?
Jay: Oh! They always served tasty and delicious meals of different varieties. Here's something I brought from there for you to eat. Jay: Ahha! Unhone hamesha vibhinn prakar ke swadist byanjan pesh kiye. Ye kuch tumahare khane ke liye mai vahan se laya hoon.
Vinay: What is it? It smells very good and tastes nice. Vinay: Ye kya hai? Iska sugandh aur swad bahut achchha hai.
Jay: It is a local sweet made of milk and fruits. We all liked it. Jay: Yeh vahan ki ek mithai hai jo doodh aut phal se banati hai. Hum sabko yeh pasand aayi.
Vinay: I too like it very much. Thank you for bringing it for me. Vinay: Mujhe bhi yeh bahut pasand hai. Mere liye laane ka dhanyabad.

Word-Bag :

trekking trip - bhraman yatra,
hill - pahadi,
tired - thaka hua,
excited - bechain,
to enjoy - anand lena,
green - hurry(hurra),
local people -sthaniya nivasi,
chance - mauka (or) avasar,
polite - vinamra,
cheerful - khusmijaj,
food - khana,
tasty and delicious meals - swadist byanjan,
different - vibhinn,
variety - prakar,
smell - sugandh,
milk - doodh,
fruit - phal,
to like - pasand karna

Try It Out :

1. Say in Hindi

  • I went to see the Taj in Agra(India)
  • It is made of white marble stones.
  • It is situated on the banks of a river.
  • It is a beautiful building.
  • I liked it very much.

2. Find Hindi words for these words. (Hint: Look up Hindi words page or some dictionary)

  • beach, island
  • exuberant, restless
  • blue, orange, pink colors
  • foreigner, outsiders
  • tea, coffee, water

3. Learn more Hindi words about nature & environment.

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