Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 3

Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 3 seekhe~

Begin Hindi Learning - Lesson 3 deals with Hindi words for Whose, When in simple Hindi sentences.

Whose, When?


English Hindi


Kiskaa, kiski or kiskee
Whose book is this?
This is Rini's book.
Yeh kiski kitab hai?
Yeh Rini ki kitab hai.
Whose pen is this?
This is your pen.
Yeh kiskaa kalam hai?
Yeh tumhara kalam hai.
Whose dog is this?
This is Vicky's dog.
Yeh kiskaa kutta hai?
Yeh Vicky ka kutta hai.
Whose house is this?
This is Lucy's house.
Yeh kiskaa ghar hai?
Yeh Lucy ka ghar hai.
Whose school is this?
This is my school.
Yeh kiskaa vidyalay hai?
Yeh mera vidyalay hai.


When do you go to school?
I go to school in the morning.
Tum school kab jate ho?
Mai school subah jaataa hoon.
When do you play?
I play in the evening.
Tum khelate kab ho?
Mai sham ko khelataa hoon.
When do you sleep?
I sleep in the night.
Tum kab sote ho?
Mai raat me sota hoon.

Word-Bag :

book - kitab,
pen - kalam,
dog - kutta,
house - ghar,
school - vidyalay,
morning - subah,
night - raat,
go - jaanaa,
play - khelanaa,
sleep - sonaa

Try It Out :

1. Say in Hindi

  • Whose advice you will follow?
  • I'll follow my friends advice.
  • Whose motorbike you are riding?
  • I'm riding my brother's motorbike.
  • Whose ducks are those?
  • Those are Sloane's ducks.
  • When do you visit your dentist?
  • I visit my dentist once every month.
  • When are you going to Miami.
  • I'll go to Miami during my holidays.

2. Find Hindi words for these words. (Hint: Look up Hindi words page or some dictionary)

  • advice, advise
  • duck, ducks
  • ride, riding
  • dentist, doctor
  • holidays, vacations

3. Learn more Hindi words related to time and persons.

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