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My goals aren’t about fame or fortune …. they’re about helping people learn, discover, or grow.
Give readers multiple ways to follow or contact the author.
Keep readers informed about any changes in previous works; and status of upcoming ones.
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Prayank is author of several books on Herbal remedies and Hindi language learning as shown below.

Reviews & Testimonials

February 8, 2016
I liked it, it was a good read.

Allen B. Petty reviewed Herbs That Cure Eye Problems

Relief January 31, 2016
This book is helpful as a resource for what foods to use and which are readily availability and ease of use.

Bunnie A. Kelly reviewed Herbs That Cure - Psoriasis

Using Herbs for the Heart September 28, 2015
Review of herbs and heart problems, that I wish would have had a bit more substance. But the price was right!

melissa wright reviewed Herbs That Cure Heart Problems

Informative August 24, 2015
It's great to have at a person's fingertips a book that can help people feel better naturally with items in a person's kitchen or garden.

TCA reviewed Herbs That Cure - Anaemia

Herbs that cure is good book to gain knowledge of ways to treat asthma May 11, 2015
Herbs that cure is good book to gain knowledge of ways to treat asthma. The book is a good source book that I can use as a reference.

Wayne B. reviewed Herbs That Cure - Asthma

Four Stars December 11, 2014

Robert Hurst reviewed Herbs That Cure - Joint Pain

quite simple and short! October 25, 2014
Quite a good book. Needs little bit of earlier knowledge of basic Hindi. ( some meanings, some verbs and so on)

Sindhu reviewed 9 Steps To Speed Learn Hindi

informative and useful!! October 4, 2014
Very instructive, informative and useful !!!

Ulla Laage "Lurifaks" reviewed Herbs That Cure Women's Health Problems

About the Author

Prayank, a graduate of Asian College of Journalism, Chennai (India), works as a freelance reporter with some of leading online publications. Born in Delhi (India) in 1992, grew up living in cantonment towns which are truly a microcosm of Indian society with people from different regions staying together in harmony despite the diversity of their cultures, languages, religions, customs & traditions, even food habits and physical features. This in turn helped him understand and respect the uniqueness of each individual.
Being a keen observer with a passion for bike-journeys in the country-side, he noticed some common practices followed by different gruops of Indians. Use of Hindi language and herbal healing are foremost among these practices.
The books on Hindi learning and herbal cures are an attempt to bring forth this common thread running through vast majority of Indian population. It is sincerely anticipated that the reader will find these books useful for his better health and happiness.
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