Blow a whistle for him or brand him a traitor?

  Edward Snowden,the whistleblower,lived in Hawaii with his girlfriend.He didn’t receive his high school diploma and didn’t complete his computer studies at community college.He was working for a government contractor there earning in six-figures. Now what made him leave his heavenly world? “Even if you’re not doing anything wrong you’re being watched and recorded,” he […]

Inside the Marina Lighthouse after 22 years

India has had a glorious maritime tradition.For approximately the  past 30 centuries it has been practicing commerce with foreign countries/civilizations.With the advent of the British East India Company in the 1630s and the establishment of Fort St.George in 1640s Madras has grown and is still growing. The light house located at Marina Beach,Chennai  has been […]

Bikers love,bikers bike ;-)

I was told to take a car…comfortable,safe..blah!! Then my beast whispered,”Why be a driver when you can be a RIDER!”