Hindi Conversation Simplified

The course Hindi Learning Simplified – Conversation in Hindi teaches you Hindi in an innovative way based on how people actually say things.

In these lessons you’re going to learn how to speak Hindi in a conversation without hesitation.

After completing this course, you will be able to talk in Hindi on following aspects of your daily routine:-

Introducing Yourself
Getting What You Want
Getting a Better Deal – At The Hotel/Shop
Describing a Person
Making Small Talk – Weather
Understanding Directions and locations
Getting Around – The Airport/Railway Station
Life’s Necessities
Your Health – The Water/Medicines
Romantic Hindi Phrases and Expressions In Hindi

If you want to get skilled in conversing in Hindi language then this course is for you.

Normally you can complete a course in 9-15 days; but you can spread it over a longer period (90 days maximum) if you want to do so.

For a limited number of learners, course is being offered at a discount of 50%. Use promo code HCS-1802 to avail this discount before it gets snapped up.

Check out this course.

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