Hindi Alphabets & Pronunciation Simplified

A compact online self study course of just 7 lessons can help you start your Hindi language learning with clear understanding of Hindi alphabets – reading, writing, pronunciation and how you can utilize it in different circumstances.

This online course helps you get a firm grip on Hindi language. Each lesson covers a number of related topics grouped together for better understanding. The topics come with audio clips in voice of a native speaker that help you develop correct Hindi pronunciation.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

Recognize Roman transliteration of Hindi alphabets.
Recognize Hindi alphabets written in Devnagri script.
Understand significance of vowel symbols in Hindi pronunciation/writing.
Understand the way each alphabet is spoken and written.
Develop accurate pronunciation skill of different Hindi syllables.

Familiarize yourself completely with Hindi alphabets – Hindi Varnamala. This is your chance to build a solid foundation in Hindi language. More Info..

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