How You Could Speak Hindi Fluently

With this home study course you can do it in next to no time at all and with very little difficulty.

Here are just some of the learning modules based on how people actually say things that you will find in this innovative & comprehensive home study course.

  • Greetings and Goodbyes
  • Introducing Yourself
  • Getting What You Want
  • Numbers in Hindi
  • Describing a Person
  • Understanding Directions and locations
  • Making Small Talk – Hobbies, Interests, Weather..
  • Life’s Necessities
  • Getting Around – The Airport/Railway Station
  • Getting a Better Deal – At The Hotel/Shop
  • Your Health – The Water/Medicines
  • Romantic Hindi Phrases
  • Expressions In Hindi

You get unlimited access to online audio lessons, text lessons, conversation practice and exercises followed by quiz tests. All you need is a computer with internet connection and basic skill to browse through web-pages (like you are doing now).

Each audio lesson will begin with a conversation between two people. As you follow the lesson, you’ll learn not only to understand the conversation completely, but actually to take part in it yourself. You will to be asked to participate in these audio lessons, so make sure that you listen in a quiet place where you can speak aloud without being disturbed.

In text lessons, you’ll get to see what the conversation you learned in previous audio lesson looks like written down. You’ll learn some of the grammatical concepts behind the conversation, including the difference between formal and informal modes of address.

Thereafter you can go through the conversation practice and exercises as much as you like.

Finally take the quiz test to find out how much you have learnt and, if need be, review the lesson again.

Work through the lessons, listen, speak, and learn!

Learning Hindi language has never been so simple. Check out this FREE course now and start learning Hindi language the way that it should be learned.

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Prayank, a graduate of Asian College of Journalism, Chennai (India), works as a freelance reporter with some of leading online publications. Author of several books on Herbal cure, and Hindi language. Likes to travel and scribble some poetry.