A Simple Way To Learn Grammatical Formations In Hindi

In this online video course, you will learn the correct grammar for every situation and become skilled at forming different kinds of Hindi words and phrases.

Knowledge of word-formation will help you a lot in forming better sentences in Hindi using the words and phrases you learn here. That means, you will become confident to use Hindi in your conversation, and be able to read something written in Hindi or understand someone speaking in Hindi to a large extent.

After completing this course, your knowledge on following aspects will be greatly improved:

Formation of Nouns in Hindi : Nouns from Sanskrit Roots, Nouns from Hindi Roots, Nouns from Foreign sources, Nouns from Words other than verbal roots of Sanskrit or Hindi.

Declension of Nouns : due to gender, number, and case.

Pronouns in Hindi : types, word table, pronouns as adjectives.

Adjectives in Hindi : Types of Hindi Adjectives, Common Adjectives, Comparisons, Adjective Formations, Inflection of Adjectives.

Verbs in Hindi : Understanding Hindi verbs, Verbal forms from roots, present participle, past participle, and other matters.

Other Forms of Hindi Verbs : Transitive and Intransitive Forms, Causatives in Hindi, Compound Verbs, Auxiliaries in Compound Verbs, More Verbal Clusters.

Other Formations in Hindi : Adverbs, Conjunctions, Post positions, Interjections, Prefixes.

compound Words : Compound Nouns, Compound Adjectives, Compound Adverbs.

See this short introduction video (2.41 minutes).


The video course comes in two parts, and each part runs for a duration of about 60 minutes. In my view, that’s a reasonable time to work on language learning topics. You also get to schedule each part separately as per your suitability. It helps you complete these lessons in a convenient schedule and perhaps during your commute time. Also, you’ll internalize many of examples given in this course by just listening and watching this video and use it in actual situations effectively.

Note that you may require to go through this course more than once to get a reasonable understanding of how to use these aspects in Hindi. In fact, you may like to keep it handy whenever you’re dealing with any situation in Hindi language.

A must have knowledge tool to master Hindi language.

It costs $21.95 (USD). If you are interested, you may get it here.

You can get a comprehensive Hindi learning solution (HindiLearner Pro-Course) which consist of four such courses including Hindi alphabets and pronunciation, sentence formation, conversation in Hindi and essential grammar lessons assisted by a native Hindi tutor available one to one to help you overcome your learning difficulties. Find more info here.

Text version of this course is also available in Kindle book format as well as a pdf book format. Both of these lack the audio in the voice of native speakers which you get in the video course. So the video course is far more resource rich and easy to follow compared to text versions.

Want to get a first hand experience?

Go through this course sample (16.42 minutes). This sample is actual part of one of lessons from the course on Hindi Grammar Essentials.


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