Take my hand and you’ll find me by your side

You might not be perfect to anyone in the world, But you become one, The day a person starts loving you, Like no one else ever did. He’ll still find you beautiful in your worst time, No matter what you may look like, He’ll still kiss you and say, You’re the prettiest lady in the […]

An Ode to a Lover

Love is like the deep ocean, Enchanting yet dark, Beautiful yet has scars, Enigmatic yet scary, Once you step in it,you’re lost. Things do go down as you want them to, But the result still lies with you, It’s what you do with it, It’ll become, Beautiful or dark, As you want it to. It […]

Does nothing stay forever?

“Does nothing stay forever?” I question myself, Looking at trifles breaking relations and sinking ships. Things are broken, Things are lost, Never to get back, Out of sight. Words are spoken, Promises are broken, Lifetime friends become sworn enemies In a blink of the eye. But some things do stay forever, Love for the one […]

Window Pain

Sitting on a window pane, Was a guy drinking away his dreams. He loathed all he had and loved what he lost, A man in despair he was, With all the heart he had. He did what he can’t and Got bruised over and over again. Not knowing what caused his failure, Was it his […]

Bikers love,bikers bike ;-)

I was told to take a car…comfortable,safe..blah!! Then my beast whispered,”Why be a driver when you can be a RIDER!”