Fun Facts About Holi – The Festival Of Colors


March 13, 2017

Holi festival celebrates the arrival of spring with its vibrant colors and lively weather.

While Holi is quite popular and celebrated all over India, it has some regional names too. Some of the regional names are:

  • Rang-panchami in Maharastra
  • Lathi-maar Holi in Barsaana (Mathura, UP)
  • Dulandi Holi in Haryana
  • Hola Mohalla in Punjab
  • Phagawa in Bihar
  • Shingo in Goa
  • Kaman Pandigai in TamilNadu
  • Basant Utsav/ Dol Purnima in West Bengal

Traditionally, mothers used to make new clothes for their married daughters on the occasion of Holi, while mother-in-law gave travel money to their daughter-in-law.

Sons-in-laws are invited by the bride’s family for a luxurious meal, after which it is customary to gift them crisp notes of any denomination.

Marijuana-based bhang and thandai add to fun. Gujjia, papri and kanji vade are special food items that are exclusively made for this festival.

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