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October 4, 2016

Maybe you can help? I’ve recently been using one-to-one language-learning platforms online to explore Hindi. I’ve really enjoyed the experience. It’s fabulous to be able to video chat with native Hindi speakers to learn about a new language and culture. I used my time to study the menu of my favourite Indian restaurant and translate the lyrics of the mega-hit, Bollywood song, “Gerua”, featuring Shah Rukh Khan, billed as the biggest star in the world. So, a thought occurred to me. For me, learning Hindi is wonderful fun and just a hobby. For so many learning a language is the key to unlocking a specific future. This includes aspiring scientists facing the need to master English. I’ve been having discussions with scientific colleagues in Indonesia and Korea about the challenges of learning Scientific English. Even when speakers are proficient in English, Scientific English can still present challenges. Some bill […]

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